About Us

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Our Profile Syair Untuk Sahabat Foundation (Poem For A Friend) was initiated from a book of concern towards HIV and AIDS by journalist Yudhi F....
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Vision To become an organization which drives awareness towards social and health issues which are expanding in Indonesia, particularly of that connected to HIV and...
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Address Jl. Haji Nawi 2 No. 22 Jakarta Selatan Indonesia, 12420 CP Deasy: 0811912200 Saif: 08151601685  
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Chairperson: Deasy Noviyanti Secretary:  Sary Latief Treasurer:   Deny Susanto Education & Health Dept.: Sary Latief Legal Dept.: Anton Bayu Samudra Public Relation: Leeny Diandra General Afair: Saif Atsalis Ambassador: Bambang Pamungkas,...